NFL 2020 Preview

NFL: Chiefs' Super Bowl rings note rallies in postseason run
Since we last saw Patrick Mahomes on an NFL field he has pocketed half a billion dollars, collected his Super Bowl ring and given his partner, Brittany, her own ring. Talk about a big off-season. (Photo: Yahoo Sports)

The NFL season is roaring towards us.

For many skeptics – like me – it seemed this NFL season was doomed thanks to the coronavirus pandemic which has strangled the way of the world with America feeling its wrath more so than most.

But, the NFL is the American past time and not even a virus of epidemic proportions can stand in the way of our favourite warriors taking to the gridiron.

Whether we see a full season or a season full of interruptions is and will be the unknown for the duration of the year but at least we are kicking off next week with Super Bowl champions, Kansas City, hosting Houston.

Each of the 32 teams have hope, but here is how I see them as we approach week one.

Below is each team’s projected record and a sentence to sum up their prospects;

ARIZONA 8-8. Kyler has Kliff and Nuk so how high can they rise in the desert?

ATLANTA 8-8. Things will rise up ever so slightly in the ATL but that defence needs to be rebuilt, quickly.

BALTIMORE 10-6. Jackson is sweet but defences will have a whole new approach to him this season. Big watch.

BUFFALO 9-7. It’s time to take over the AFC East but is Allen equipped to do so?

CAROLINA 6-10. So, so much is asked of McCaffrey. All that workload could wear him out and make life impossible for Teddy B.

CHICAGO 6-10. The defence dropped off last season, but not as much as the QB. Foles awaits.

CINCINNATI 6-10. Wishful thinking, but Burrow transformed LSU and this offensive unit has extreme firepower when healthy.

CLEVELAND 8-8. Mayfield seems to have matured and OBJ reckons this will be his best season yet. That needs to be true.

DALLAS 9-7. The Dak soap opera will linger and another Dallas drama will appear, like always. They’re talented on offence, no doubt.

DENVER 3-13. Nothing excites me about the Broncos.

DETROIT 5-11. Make or break season for the QB and head coach.

GREEN BAY 11-5. Any significant drop off will see those Rodgers-Love succession plans increase.

HOUSTON 9-7. Bill moved on the team’s No. 1 player but he did receive a talented back in return. D Johnson beside Deshaun is interesting.

INDIANAPOLIS 6-10. Rivers will give some confidence and grit to this franchise but his best is way past him.

JACKSONVILLE 2-14. Fournette, Yannick, Calais, Bouye, Ramsey. All gone. Tanking for Trevor begins.

KANSAS CITY 13-3. He has the ring, he has the cash and he has the girl. Everything is in place for Mahomes to take aim at ring No. 2.

LAS VEGAS 7-9. Carr will be solid but you get the feeling Jon Gruden would like to see what he’s got with Mariota.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS 8-8. They’re more talented than this but they seemed cursed by injury and Tyrod is not the answer to their wishes.

LOS ANGELES RAMS 9-7. They’ll be dangerous every time they play and should run up some big scores in the new arena.

MIAMI 5-11. Keep Tua on the bench. He will be your future. Do not risk him.

MINNESOTA 10-6. Consistent squad with talent on both sides. Just not sure they’re good enough to win the ring.

NEW ENGLAND 9-7. They’ll fascinate many but Newton’s best has to be behind him and the remainder of the roster is average.

NEW ORLEANS 11-5. The Kamara issues should subside and Brees gets one last crack at another title with all the pieces around him.

NEW YORK GIANTS 5-11. Jones has promise and Barkley is elite. Everything else is a work in progress.

NEW YORK JETS 6-10. Darnold, like Jones, has potential but so much of this squad is less than desirable.

PHILADELPHIA 9-7. Dangerous on their night but since the Super Bowl, too many things have gone against them.

PITTSBURGH 8-8. Big Ben goes again but TJ Watt is the heart and soul of this team.

SAN FRANCISCO 10-6. Everything is in place. Coach, defence, receivers, backs but is the QB the guy they hope he is…

SEATTLE 9-7. No home field advantage this season means teams can roll into Century Link filled with confidence.

TAMPA BAY 11-5. Adding Fournette is the last piece but Brady is 43, Gronk is injury prone, so is Fournette and the defence is better on paper than on the grass. Many questions to be answered.

TENNESSEE 9-7. Last season was amazing but teams will be locked into slowing down D Henry and it’s unlikely Tannehill will be as efficient as he was.

WASHINGTON 4-12. A brutal off-season. It’s hard to see much prosper this season outside Chase Young – man is a beast!

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Let’s Football.

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