NFL RB Rankings

It’s funny really – in Fantasy Football the top running backs are king. But in the real world backs are often considered easily replaced and not worth paying big dollars to. I guess the truth lay somewhere in between. Having an elite back in more than handy… but any running back can only be as … More NFL RB Rankings

NFL WR Rankings

Make no mistake, once the Tokyo Olympics ended, there were some withdrawals as I wondered where all my TV time would go without them. Then, like a lightbulb moment inside my sports obsessed head, I realised my No. 1 lovechild was less than a month away. The NFL is coming. With 100% capacity stadiums, a … More NFL WR Rankings

The Rising Sun

Queensland Harness Racing has seized the opportunity to own the winter months and lure the best harness racing has to offer and bring them to southeast QLD. The Blacks A Fake has always been a race which has attracted major talents but the introduction of two new races has added enormously to the carnival.Firstly, a … More The Rising Sun

2021 NBA Finals

Milwaukee v Phoenix – just like we all thought… right? Perhaps not, unless you were that guru on Twitter who correctly guessed this match-up a long time ago, but there’s genuine beauty in seeing these two teams clash for the ‘chip. Milwaukee are the small market team who have endured a couple of playoff heartbreaks … More 2021 NBA Finals