Moving house… THE FIELD AU.

I’ve had a great time churning out content for my personal blog across the past 7 or 8 years.

From Harness Racing to the Melbourne Cup. NBA Finals and NFL predictions – I’ve had a crack at everything sporting and I’ve enjoyed every moment.

I’ve never been paid to write a single word for this blog, I’ve written everything to improve my writing skills and because I love to discuss sports.

I’ve enjoyed my time on WordPress and I thank Jen Evison (@jenevison on IG) for the help in getting this page started. Jen is excellent in this field – I highly recommend.

But now, it’s time for a move. I’ve teamed up with Patrick Dangerfield – among others – to launch is a website where all my written content will now live, plus some more exclusive columns from Danger as well as guest contributors. We’ll also house our various podcasts, beginning with The Field – NFL which dropped on September 1.

You can check out THE FIELD via Twitter & Instagram and listen to the pods on iTunes and Spotify.

THANKS for following along on this little blog, now join us on for more sporting fun!


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