The NFL’s Top 10

New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
In NFL terms, Tom Brady is old. In NFL terms, Tom Brady is the best player in the league.


Lists and rankings are to create debate and discussion.

So, whilst we all get worked up about who lands where and why this person is above that person – remember that getting into spirited conversation is exactly why the list is released in the first place. So calm down!

However – everyone loves a list and one of my favourites to read each year is NFL Network’s Top 100 players.

Below is NFL Network’s Top 10 and below that is mine.

Remember this though, just as your head is about to explode with rage or disappointment… it’s just a list and it’s just an opinion. It’s all good.

1 Tom Brady (New England)
2 Antonio Brown (Pittsburgh)
3 Carson Wentz (Philadelphia)
4 Julio Jones (Atlanta)
5 Le’Veon Bell (Pittsburgh)
6 Todd Gurley (Los Angeles)
7 Aaron Donald (Los Angeles)
8 Drew Brees (New Orleans)
9 Von Miller (Denver)
10 Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay)


Forget his age, forget about any rumblings inside the walls of the Patriots practice facility and forget about retirement talk. Brady is still the best at what he does and more often than not, everything NFL goes through Tom and the Patriots.
Since his suspension for deflating footballs, TB has been in kill mode and he was one final drive away from a sixth championship ring in the most recent Super Bowl.
He still has weapons – pending a Julian Edelman PED suspension appeal – but more importantly he still has hire passion and burning desire to dominate everyone he faces.
The drop off can be quick and violent but the cliff looks a long way off right now.

Bell is better than nearly every RB1 but catches the ball and posts numbers like a WR2.
His skill set is unmatched and the Steelers look unbeatable when he is rolling along, regularly posting games with 150+ scrimmage yards.

Ask coach Sean McVay who makes the high-octane Rams go. I bet you he says Aaron Donald and not one of the offensive stars on the Rams.
Donald dominates weekly from inside the defensive line, demanding and disposing of double-teams.

IF Rodgers takes motivation from disrespect then look out!
When healthy, A-Rodge is among the best two or three players in football – it’s that simple.

Big call. And injury may have worn him down enough so that he’s no longer a top 10 performer but we quickly forget how great players can be.
Watt is a three-time defensive player of the year and can do literally everything on the defensive side of the ball. Hey, he can even catch TD’s every now and then.

Injury derailed his season but like Bell, DJ31 is a scrimmage yard-gaining animal.
He catches the ball effortlessly and runs the ball ferociously, often finding the end zone.
Losing Bruce Arians creative offensive mind might hurt but you get the feeling Johnson is so gifted it won’t matter much.

7 ANTONIO BROWN WR (Pittsburgh)
I stood on the sidelines as Pittsburgh warmed up before their clash against New England and two things amazed me.
Antonio Brown is tiny and Antonio Brown is explosive.
I’ve seen many explosive athletes but Brown, even in warm-ups, was next-level.
His production defies his stature but he’s as consistent as can be.

8 JALEN RAMSEY CB (Jacksonville)
The numbers are there for those who want justification but few cover corners have been targeted as little as Ramsey – and he’s still a baby.
He’s still learning what he can and cannot do on an NFL grid iron but boy is he something special.

9 JULIO JONES WR (Atlanta)
DeAndre Hopkins almost landed here but Jones’ other-worldly abilities was just enough. He underperformed last season, make no mistake, but his size, speed, strength and commitment to the sport mean that was an exception.

Since Marshawn Lynch departed the PNW, Wilson has had to throw on a cape and make everything happen for the Seahawks offence.
He’s kept them relevant and has played through obvious injury. Hopefully his body can continue to hold up so his greatness can shine.

Next in line: Alvin Kamara (New Orleans), Rob Gronkowski (New England), Von Miller (Denver), Khalil Mack (Oakland).






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