2021 NBA Finals

Milwaukee v Phoenix – just like we all thought… right? Perhaps not, unless you were that guru on Twitter who correctly guessed this match-up a long time ago, but there’s genuine beauty in seeing these two teams clash for the ‘chip. Milwaukee are the small market team who have endured a couple of playoff heartbreaks … More 2021 NBA Finals

NBA MVP Fascination

I’m unsure what triggered this fascination but I am all of a sudden invested (financially and emotionally) in the MVP race for the current NBA season. I’ve always stuck up for LeBron James and am a firm believer he should have at least 2-3 more MVP gongs but the narrative of the award seems to … More NBA MVP Fascination

Home of the Trojans

You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Words never uttered by us, despite being lucky enough to gain access into various NFL, NCAA Football and NBA programs. Whilst the goal is the same, the way each organisation presented itself was vastly different – but all extremely impressive. The last stop on our amazing two-week journey … More Home of the Trojans