Josh – the fan

JJ Fan


Sports are incredible.

Sport can tell amazing stories, sport provides with magical theatre, sports can ignite incredible emotion and sport gives us memories – both good and bad – that can last a lifetime.

Like you, I live sport and I love sport.

I feel the passion of March Madness when college basketball teams lay everything on the line to be the cinderella story of the NCAA National Tournament.

I feel the struggle of the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Chicago Cubs desperately trying to eradicate a championship drought for deserving fans.

I feel the love of a city, region or state full of fans following their beloved college football team to a National Championship. I love the Crimson Tide of Alabama, the Fighting Tigers of LSU and the USC Trojans.

I’m a sports addict.

I have been since I can remember and will be until I’m gone.

I just happen to have the great fortune of participating in our national sport, our NFL if you like. I’m incredibly lucky to play in the AFL but it gives me a slanted view on sports, both here and abroad. I have a greater insight into what goes into a game-winning basket or a clutch putt. I get to experience the struggle and the joy.

But, it all comes back to one thing.

I love sports and I love talking about, writing about and reading about sports so if you do, too, read along and share your views on your favourite sports and moments.


For more on me, you can check out my bio by, clicking here.

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