Strange heading ? Well, writing ‘What Did We Learn & Where Do We Go Now?’ in the headline would’ve looked even stranger so, hey, let’s see whether anyone actually cares.

What really matters is what happened on the gridiron today – or whenever you’re reading this.

43-year-old Tom Brady led his brand new team into soon-to-be-MVP Aaron Rodgers’ house and knocked off the Packers to dance their way to a historic home Super Bowl appearance in two weeks time.

Then, a phenomenon 18-years Brady’s junior, threw his reigning champion Chiefs into consecutive Super Bowl appearances with a masterful 325-yards, 3 touchdown performance in flogging the Bills, 38-24.

Let’s go inside both games;

Oh, man, did 43YO Tommy Brady have himself a first half.

I copped plenty of grief on Twitter (surprised!?!) for giving TB12 love after the game as many reminded me of Brady’s three interceptions in the second half, assisting in Green Bay’s comeback.

But that comeback ultimately failed, and sure, Packers coach Matt LaFleur would love love LOVE his time again after deciding against going for the score on 4th and goal with the MVP at the helm and instead leaning – incorrectly – on his defence to give them another chance.

So, in the end, despite three picks and a near-miss from Green Bay, this is all Brady accomplished this season as we enter Super Bowl mayhem;
– No off-season with his new team mates and coaches (yes, same for everyone).
– New pieces added during the season.
– Chatter about the disconnect between he and Bruce Arians.
– Went on the road as a Wildcard and beat Washington.
– Went back on the road and ended Drew Brees’ legendary career.
– Went into freezing Lambeau Field and knocked off the No. 1 seed.
– Made the Super Bowl for a 10th occasion.
– Made the Super Bowl, aged 43.
– Leads the Buccaneers into a genuine home Super Bowl appearance, the first time ever!

Need I say any more?

Across the road, Packers fans have to be sick – and wondering whether another title will actually come with Rodgers at the helm.
Aaron Jones enters free agency (although they should cover for him with Dillon and Williams) and everything looked perfectly placed for them to go for it all this season.

Questions will again arise as we move toward the draft… get Aaron another piece, or draft another back-up QB…

We learned what we already knew. Tommy Terrific is THE GOAT!

I’ve been to sleepy Green Bay in chilly Wisconsin. They love their Packers but this one will take quite some time to get past.

They questioned his head knock and they questioned his toe.

But you can never question the arm of Patrick Mahomes. He’s a truly gifted and generational talent.
Mahomes and his electric team mates blasted Buffalo into the stratosphere with a 31-6 run across quarters two and three. Mahomes was responsible for 325 yards and 3 TD and made the miraculous look pedestrian as only he can.

Tyreek Hill (9-172-0) and Travis Kelce (13-118-2) were monsters in the passing game as Hill set a franchise record for receiving yards in a playoff game and Kelce set a franchise record for receptions in a playoff game.
Make no mistake, Mahomes is special but Hill and Kelce are also first-ballot Hall of Fame-type talents.

For the western New Yorkers, their season was immense. Josh Allen grew enormously and enters next season as a legit MVP threat but this squad needs to acquire a running back of reliable substance.
Adding Stefon Diggs helped turn Allen into a monster now they need to take some of the load off of Allen and find a nice running back in free agency or the draft.

With Kenyan Drake, Leonard Fournette and James Conner are names who jump out…

WHAT DID WE LEARN? We learned more about Mahomes’ toughness and steel. It’s an underrated aspect of his other-worldly makeup.

WHERE DO WE GO NOW? Sure up that defensive front and sign a genuine RB1 and you can be right back here for another shot at a Super Bowl appearance, Bills Mafia.

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