The Beaten Bunch

Where to go and what to do for those who will be watching on during the NFL playoffs + the moment of the season for each franchise;

ARIZONA: With Kyler Murray evolving into an elite dual-threat QB and DeAndre Hopkins at the peak of his powers, GM Steve Keim should be all in on adding pieces to help the team get past NFC West rivals, Seattle and LA.

Moment of the season – The Murray to Hopkins Hail Mary FTW over the Bills was one of the top plays of the entire season and highlighted just how good Hopkins is.

ATLANTA: Decide what to do with franchise faces Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Both are worth plenty in a trade scenario and should the new coach want a fresh start, moving these two one may be the tough decision that needs to be made.

Moment of the season – Dan Quinn had this team up 28-3 in a Super Bowl not so long ago… now he’s no longer the coach of the team.

CAROLINA: This team fought hard all season long without its best player for much of the year. Get CMC back healthy is priority 1A but 1B is deciding on Bridgewater as your starting QB.

Moment of the season – CMC got injured – more than once.

CINCINNATI: Fortify the trenches on both sides of the ball. A major upgrade of the offensive line is needed to protect Joe Burrow when he returns but with Geno Atkins ageing and Carlos Dunlap gone, the once-powerful defensive line also needs patching up.

Moment of the season – When Joe Burrow’s knee buckled, the collective breath of all Bengals fans paused and they’re yet to exhale and they will not until videos of Burrow moving freely are posted.

DALLAS: Ezekiel Elliott gets paid to produce more than what he did this season. Tony Pollard showed something late in the season and Elliott’s money could be better spent on the defensive side of the ball. Dak will also be a free agent – again.

Moment of the season – When Dak Prescott laid on the Jerry World turf with his ankle facing sideways, the medium-term future of the Cowboys went sideways with it.

DENVER: John Elway released himself from GM duties,. You get the feeling he’s shedding responsibility for a poor roster. Answers at QB would be a great place to start.

Moment of the season – Some lapse judgement from the Broncos quarterbacks saw them tackle New Orleans without anything resembling a QB.

DETROIT: Release Matthew Stafford from his years of torture in the Motor City. He’s highly regarded across the NFL, so cash him in and start fresh with a new QB and new coach.

Moment of the season – Rocket scientist-come-football coach Matt Patricia was sent into space after another hapless season for the lowly Lions.

HOUSTON: Inspire the team because what you have is what you got. The No. 3 draft pick you once owned is Miami’s and you have absolutely no salary space. Good luck.

Moment of the season – JJ Watt’s post-game speech, urging his team mates to join him in playing at maximum intensity and playing to win was sports emotion at its purest.

JACKSONVILLE: It sounds like Urban and Trevor will be joining forces to try and turn around the fortunes of this struggling squad.

Moment of the season – Watching the Jets beat the Rams, handing them the keys to Trevor Lawrence.

LAS VEGAS: There’s talent there. Ruggs, Waller, Jacobs and Derek Carr had a good season. The defence was straight up atrocious all season so start there Chucky.

Moment of the season – You’d have loved to have been on that bus when the team took a victory lap around Arrowhead Stadium after their amazing win over the Chiefs.

LOS ANGELES CHARGERS: You’ve got the QB1 you need, there is talent across the roster so track down the coach you need, pay him what he wants and let Herbert carry you forward.

Moment of the season – Losing four un-loseable games in a row… or knowing they have the QB for the future – hard to decide.

MIAMI: Their season was positive, despite the ugly end and pick 3 is theirs and there are quarterbacks ready to go at the top of the draft. Tua… or a QB at pick 3. That’s the decision.

Moment of the season – Unfortunately, after a season of good work, much of it was undone with a defensive meltdown in week 17 against the Bills who unloaded 56 on them.

MINNESOTA: Offensively, they’re talented and potent. Defensively, they’ve gone from a vicious and forceful defence to a meek group who concede yards and points at will, yet the head coach is a defensive guy who I like a lot – strange.

Moment of the season – Every time rookie sensation Justin Jefferson did his ‘Griddy’ dance, Vikings fans smiled, even though most of the season was a disappointment.

NEW YORK GIANTS: IF Danny Dimes is your guy, get him some help. Saquon Barkley returning helps but get some receivers on the outside that are difference-makers.

Moment of the season – It was a very uneventful year for Big Blue. Not sure whether that’s good or bad.

NEW YORK JETS: Adam Gase is gone. Sam Darnold is a huge question hanging over the franchise, especially with Justin Fields or Kyle Wilson awaiting them at pick 2. The whole thing has been dysfunctional for a while now.

Moment of the season – Sure, winning games moved them away from the top of the draft but seeing the joy that a solitary win brought the Jets players was awesome.

NEW ENGLAND: IF Bill Belichick’s name was John Smith, you’d say this team is bound for a 2-14 season next season such is the lack of talent on offence and question marks surrounding their QB of the future.

Moment of the season – Cam Newton’s array of hats were the true highlight of the Patriots miserable season.

PHILADELPHIA: Blow it all up. The Super Bowl of 2018 was amazing but they’ve been messy since. Try and move Carson Wentz, give Jalen Hurts the keys and move on anyone with trade value.

Moment of the season – Things were far from smooth for most of the season, then, in the last quarter of the last game, coach Doug Pedersen hooked Jalen Hurts and sent the sport into a frenzy.

SAN FRANCISCO: It’s a similar roster that made a Super Bowl less than 12 months ago but the injury bug struck them as hard as its ever struck a team. Get everyone healthy for 2021. Kyle Shanahan is a seriously good football coach.

Moment of the season – Pick any of the 44 injuries the Niners had to endure this season. And it was all their good players who went down

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