Pick Six – Week 3

It’s never been easier to score in the National Football League. With the majority of the league banned from off-season face-to-face interaction and practice, teams had to install playbooks via zoom.
It seems that was no problems for the offensive units but defenders are left with their heads spinning a few weeks into the season.
The average points per game is north of 50 – which is considerably higher than any other season.
Teams are also scouring the country for the brightest offensive minds as well… think Kingsbury, McVay and LaFleur and long time geniuses like Andy Reid are also having the success they deserve.
For the spectator, the increased scoring and offensive firepower is amazing to watch but for defensive coordinators, it’s doubtful they get much sleep at all leading into games against Mahomes, Jackson, Rodgers, Wilson and co.

Patrick Mahomes – and it is indeed Patrick and not Pat – is box office. He may well be the most watchable athlete in the world at the moment.
He’s the only person winning 2020 that’s for sure and certain.
A Super Bowl ring, an engagement ring and a pending baby have all rolled into a pretty magnificent season for the phenom from Texas Tech.
In week two’s MNF, Mahomes absolutely eviscerated Baltimore. When they pressured him, he made them pay with dimes to speed receivers. He threw underhand shovel passes for touchdowns, he ran for first downs and he worked rookie Clyde Edwards-Helaire into the passing game.
You simply cannot stop Mahomes’ Magic, you can only hope to slow him down.

As of writing (Wednesday 30th) the Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings training complexes were shutdown to all employees.
Players and staff are banned from attending their facilities after eight members of the Titans (three players, five staff) tested positive to the virus. For precautionary reasons, their most recent opponents, Minnesota, have also had to close their building.
At this stage, both teams may have to front up for week four games having not been inside their practice facility all week.
No weights, no meetings, no practice, no contact… no hope?

Nick Foles knows a little something about coming in off the bench and performing at a high level.
He quarterbacked the Eagles to a Super Bowl after Carson Wentz went down with injury. Not only did Foles step in and do the job, he walked away as the Super Bowl MVP.
After a stint in Jacksonville and a return leg in Philadelphia, Foles landed in Chicago this off-season and most thought it was a matter of time until he took over as starter from Mitchell Trubisky.
Well, that moment is now after Foles stepped in and led the Bears to a comeback fourth quarter win in Atlanta.
Foles is the Bears QB moving forward. How long he can remain in that role will be fun to follow.

The Rams made a Super Bowl on the back of an incredibly favourable pass interference call in New Orleans. Well, that dog came back to bite them on a fourth and long against the Bills in western New York.
This time the Rams copped the rough end of the stick and Josh Allen and the Bills marched to the goal line and lofted an easy game-winning touchdown in the air and Los Angeles was left feeling hard done by.
It does seem like any 50/50 pass interference call is pushed in favour of the offensive side, or the team who is trailing.

A 28-10 road victory is excellent, no matter the opposition.
And Tampa Bay looked strong on both sides of the ball last week but Denver are awful. Injuries everywhere and a lack of standout playmakers.
Brady is beginning to look comfortable in Bruce Arians system but they’re not up with the Seahawks and Packers of the NFC just yet.
Defensively, they’ve been excellent. No question.
Here’s hoping Leonard Fournette can claim that No. 1 RB role to make Brady’s life even easier as a 40-something-year-old QB.

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