QB Carousel 2020

The end is nigh… they’ve reigned terror on the NFL for 20 years but Tom Brady – or Bill Belichick – could be departing Foxborough. (Photo: USA Today)


Tom Brady, Phil Rivers, Drew Brees, Jameis Winston, Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Cam Newton, Teddy Bridgewater and Dak Prescott.

It’s possible those 10 names all appear on new rosters as we enter the new NFL season which is incredible to consider and will be even more incredible to see unfold across the next few months.

Here is a snapshot at each of the 10 quarterbacks and where they may end up;

TOM BRADY – Currently New England, prediction New England.
In the end, I think he remains a Patriot. Yes, Bill has enormous power inside the football program but the last time there was a power struggle, Brady won out thanks to the most powerful ally in the organisation, Rob Kraft.
Brady is relevant wherever he goes but Bill’s brilliance as a coach and the stability of the franchise gives him one last chance to win a sixth ring. Going anywhere else would be a leap of faith and one I doubt TB12 wants to make.

PHIL RIVERS – Formerly Los Angeles Chargers, prediction Tampa Bay.
Rivers has always been a rung below the very best. Perhaps in an era without Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning he’d be considered truly elite but at the end of the day, championships have eluded Rivers and his Chargers.
Bruce Arians worked wonders with an ageing Carson Palmer in Arizona and the Buccaneers have similar skill position talent which could see Arians bring in the veteran for a two-year run at the playoffs.

DREW BREES  – Currently New Orleans, prediction New Orleans.
Brees is apparently mulling retirement, which is a huge shock to me.  His on-field performance is still among the best at the position and the infrastructure remains in place in the Big Easy.
Unexpected playoff exits can make anyone ponder their future in the game but once the dust entirely settles, I believe Brees returns for at least another couple of seasons.

JAMEIS WINSTON – Currently Tampa Bay, prediction Miami.
It’s hard to see a team making a big play for Winston, such is the inconsistency with his play but he definitely has something to offer a team. Teams looking to develop a young quarterback could use Winston as a bridge, knowing he is good enough to keep them competitive in more than a few games. Winston’s talent is undeniable but he’s yet to harness that potential and eradicate those bone-head plays which cost you wins.

RYAN TANNEHILL – Currently Tennessee, prediction Tennessee on franchise tag.
I would be eager to keep Tannehill but I would try and make the smart business decision and franchise tag him. It’s a lot of money to pay someone who was a back-up three months ago but it would be a devastating result to sign him long-term only for his play to drop away as the permanent starter. He looks a perfect fit for the Titans but you’d love to see some extra evidence that he’s your man.

MARCUS MARIOTA – Currently Tennessee back-up, prediction Denver.
Mariota was a part of the problem in Tennessee but he also found the bench as Mike Vrabel began to resurrect this team. He’s effective in the play-action game and his agility is still strong. A team like Denver could take a chance on Mariota who is smart enough to know as a former No. 2 pick he will only get so many chances to make it work before he becomes a permanent clipboard holder.

ANDY DALTON – Currently Cincinnati, prediction Chicago.
Dalton will start football games next season. He either ends up on a team with a developing QB (Miami, Denver or even back in Cincy) or he is brought in as a back-up on a strong team who has an underwhelming quarterback such as Chicago.
Mitch Trubisky was a controversial draft pick by the current regime so moving him on would be admitting error but you could do worse than have Dalton waiting in the wings.

CAM NEWTON – Currently Carolina, prediction Los Angeles Chargers.
You can certainly see SuperCam opening as the Chargers new glitzy QB in their glitzy new arena. Newton’s issue is injury, otherwise he’s a bonafide star in this league.
Carolina may well keep him around but LA would be looking for a big name to generate excitement to a team which needs rejuvenation. Outside of Brady, Newton is as big a name as there is available.

TEDDY BRIDGEWATER – Currently New Orleans back-up, prediction Carolina.
Bridgewater was a solid starting QB when a younger player in Minneapolis. After overcoming a nightmare knee injury, he excelled coming in to replace Brees in New Orleans this season, going 5-0 as starting QB.
He deserves his shot at redemption when injury took away his job in the midwest. He may not entirely fit new Panthers coach Matt Rhule’s system but he’s rock solid and can facilitate the need for the offence to run through RB Christian McCaffrey.

DAK PRESCOTT – Currently Dallas, prediction Dallas.
Because it’s Dallas, this situation is getting so so much airtime but the reality is, Prescott’s true value is somewhat hard to gauge due to inconsistent team performances as well as some thinking Prescott only succeeds thanks to Ezekiel Elliott’s presence.
Prescott will remain a Cowboy – no worries about that – but whether he gets anything close to $40m annually is a whole different story. Jerry did not become a billionaire by making poor financial decisions.

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