Super Bowl LIII – You decide!

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24-year-old Jared Goff and 41-year-old Tom Brady square off at Super Bowl LIII Media Day before squaring off for the ultimate prize this Monday morning. (Photo:

Instead of me telling you what I think will happen in Super Bowl LIII, I’m going to help you decide.

The offical points line currently sits at 56.5, which is too low in my view. Nevertheless, I’m going to pose 28 questions and all you need to decide is yes or no.

28 questions, yes or no and you give two points per question the either team.

Example; will Tom Brady play well ? Answer: yes, means it’s 2-0 Patriots.

Try it, see what scoreline you end up with and let me know via social media.


  1. Will Tom Brady outsmart the Rams defence ?
  2. Will Jared Goff make the big plays when needed ?
  3. Will Aaron Donald and co. get to Brady ?
  4. Will Gronk be healthy enough to be a factor ?
  5. Will Todd Gurley be healthy enough to be a factor ?
  6. Will Julian Edelman make more clutch catches ?
  7. Will CJ Anderson continue step up like he has done late in the season ?
  8. Will Marcus Peters be the shutdown corner he says he is ?
  9. Will Marcus Peters give up chunk plays and lose his mind ?
  10. Will Aqib Talib lockdown one of Gronk or Edelman ?
  11. Will James White again be a Super Bowl superstar ?
  12. Will Sean McVay stay aggressive in the big moments ?
  13. Will Josh McDaniels have some trickery up his sleeve ?
  14. Will the Patriots dominate on special teams like they always do ?
  15. Will Greg ‘The Leg’ Zuerlein come up trumps… again ?
  16. Will Bill Belichick find a way to slow down the Rams offence ?
  17. Will Brandin Cooks & Robert Woods be too zippy for the Pats CB’s ?
  18. Will Sony Michel continue his white-hot form at running back ?
  19. Will the Patriots extra Super Bowl experience show up ?
  20. Will Wade Phillips bring down Brady, again ?
  21. Will the Patriots defence finally stop someone in a Super Bowl ?
  22. Will Brady wear out the Rams pass rush ?
  23. Will Donald and/or Suh sack Brady multiple times ?
  24. Will Gronkowski score a TD ?
  25. Will Gurley score a TD ?
  26. Will Goff’s inexperience hurt the Rams ?
  27. Will Robery-Coleman’s trash talking of Brady come back to haunt him ?
  28. Give your last two points to whoever you want to win…

Twenty-eight questions, two points per question – who you got ?

I landed with Rams 36, Pats 20. Seem unlikely ? Who knows, we shall see.


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