ID18 – Night One

Wrappers Delight
Wrappers Delight has catapulted into genuine ID18 calculations. Can he and reinswoman Kima Frenning claim glory ? (Photo: The Trots)


We lost a few along the way but boy o boy do we have a competitive, even and unpredictable Inter Dominion series coming our way.

Mounting a case for a dozen of the participants is easy.

I’ll be trackside this Saturday night as ID18 gets underway, hope to see you there!

Here’s how I see night one unfolding;

HEAT 1 – Pacers
My Alpha Rock wants to lead but so does Tiger Tara and Wrappers Delight. It’s only night one so emptying the tank is not wise but these boys will be charging throughout.
My map has Alpha Rock leading – as the stable has stated – Tiger Tara in the death and Wrappers Delight getting the one-one, which makes him my pick.
Spankem will improve throughout the series but is a first four chance here whilst fellow Kiwi Im Pats Delight is a horse many astute judges have been hyping. Should Alpha Rock, Wrappers Delight and Tiger Tara go mad, Im Pats Delight is the one you want to be with.

1 Wrappers Delight (2)
2 Tiger Tara (4)
3 Im Pats Delight (9)
4 My Alpha Rock (1)

HEAT 2 – Pacers
Mach Doro can lead this one for as long as he likes however you’d assume he’s going to hand the front to favourite Franco Nelson. Much of the race is dependant on who – and how quickly – San Carlo or Shadow Sax can get around to the breeze. It’s not beyond the realms of possibilities that Franco Nelson could even hand up to San Carlo.
Ellmers Image has been heavily backed and West Aussie Galactic Star won a heat in last season’s much stronger series.
Backing both San Carlo and Shadow Sax looks a smart play in my opinion.

1 San Carlo (10)
2 Franco Nelson (2)
3 Shadow Sax (12)
4 Mach Doro (1)

HEAT 3 – Pacers
Cruz Bromac was immense in the NZ Cup and dominant when winning the FFA but buyer beware here. He probably wins because I struggled to pin-point a logical upset artist but the All Stars have notoriously improved their horses throughout ID campaigns. Smolda was written off before winning his final and Lazarus was upended in two heats before bolting in when it mattered most.
I’ll be taking Cruz Bromac on. I would happily have a small play at Our Uncle Sam whilst I expect Let It Ride to be buried on the pegs. Cash N Flow is classy but he did not quite show me enough in the Geelong Cup to be winning.

1 Our Uncle Sam (2)
2 Cruz Bromac (4)
3 Cash N Flow (1)
4 Let It Ride (8)

HEAT ONE – Trotters
Tornado Valley is a moral whenever he finds the front and he should do so here. Value lies within the trifectas and first fours which should include Wilmas Mate from the pole, Tough Monarch, Sky Petite, Big Jack Hammer and Kyvalley Blur.

1 Tornado Valley (6)
2 Wilmas Mate (2)
3 Big Jack Hammer (8)
4 Sky Petite (5)

HEAT TWO – Trotters
Like Cruz Bromac, I doubt Speeding Spur has done much since racing twice during NZ Cup week. He should still be winning but the $1.28 is poison.
Maori Law and a few at big odds (The Boss Man, Monty Python, Red Hot Tooth) could produce an upset but are more likely to run top five.

1 Speeding Spur (2)
2 Monty Python (5)
3 Red Hot Tooth (11)
4 Our Twentyten (1)

Here are my other selections on the night;
R1: Higherthananeagle (4)
R2: Its Not Dark Yet (1)
R3: Tornado Valley (6)
R4: Speeding Spur (2)
R5: Wrappers Delight (2)
R6: San Carlo (10)
R7: Our Uncle Sam (2)
R8: Vinny Chase (1)
R9: Caitlyn Clarke (8)








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