Week 3 – Good, Great, Ugly.

Brilliant American sports commentator Al Michaels said it best, ‘we all know nothing.’

Unless of course you predicted the lowly Bills would blowout the Vikings in the Twin Cities…

Anyhow, here is an abbreviated version of the good, great and ugly.

Baker Mayfield – With Tyrod Taylor struggling and eventually injured, Cleveland called upon its No. 1 overall draft pick to save the day and finally secure the Browns a win after a 600+ day losing streak.
Mayfield electrified the stadium and immediately jolted the Browns offence, alongside veteran free agent signings Jarvis Landry and Carlos Hyde.
Mayfield has been named the starter moving forward. It will be unmissable.
Saints v Falcons – These two know how to put on a show. Overtime and a whole bunch of points. It was an incredible game and it’s a shame there had to be a losing team. Fancy Drew Brees icing the game with a rushing TD.
Kerryon Johnson – The Lions have needed a real running back for longer than a long time. Johnson was promised to be that man and against New England he delivered. LeGarrette Blount is still on the periphery but this should be Johnson’s job moving forward.
JJ Watt – Injuries have derailed his greatness but in a losing effort, Watt was back to his quarterback-wrecking best. He dropped Eli Manning twice and forced a fumble. His best is still the best.
Bills – To quote P!nk, who knew ? Buffalo went into a notoriously hard venue without its best offensive player and whipped the Vikings. Josh Allen was fantastic and maybe there is in fact hope in western New York.
Patrick Mahomes, again – This boy good. Mahomes is absolutely lighting up the league with no end in sight. This week he faces Von Miller – can he impact this unbelievable young gunner ?
Rams – The most complete team in the NFL – by far! An electric offence with next-gen coaching, unreal defensive playmakers up front and in the secondary as well as arguably the league’s top punter and place kicker to boot.
Michael Thomas – Mike Thomas is on fire. He’s also breaking history. He has broken the record for most receptions through three weeks of a season. Some of this goes down to Drew Brees’ greatness but either way, Thomas is balling like no other WR.

Roughing the passer – Clay and JJ. Almost the two biggest defensive names in football. Both are beside themselves about the new roughing the passer interpretations. Protecting the QBs is crucial but not at the expense of the game.
Sloppy Patriots – New England always put up one of these stinkers early in the season, perhaps on purpose… The receiving group is ordinary and the defence leaks badly. Can Tommy Terrific do it all ?
Jags v Titans – I expected Jacksonville to dominate which did not happen but this 9-6 barnburner was awful to watch and not representative of a Super Bowl winning team.
Jimmy G – Damn shame. Jimmy G looked capable of igniting the 49ers franchise but now he will miss with a torn ACL. See you week one next season, Jimmy.



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