Kilmore Cup Preview

JJ Hurls
We look slick here but the truth will be on show when Hurls & I try to back a few winners at tonight’s Kilmore Pacing Cup meeting.


Tell me this.

When a horse you own wins at $30, but you miss out because you’re off changing a nappy – is that lucky or unlucky ?

I’m only asking because I’d like to know whether I’m in or out of luck as we head toward Kilmore this evening.

Either way – we’ll attack the night with vigour and hopefully have a blast with the kids as we enjoy Grand Final eve eve at the Kilmore Pacing Cup.

Mike Hurley and I will be on track from race one ready to have a kick with the kids (or adults), sign some autographs, take photos and pinch a few tips from those in the know!

From a racing perspective, here are a few races I have my eye on;

Trotting is not my absolute forte but we’ll have a go.
Veteran Father Christmas (10) is the likely favourite but he will need to be clearly better than these to salute. Margaret Ruth (6) is talented and has run into the top three on 26 of 36 occasions.  Our Twentyten (7), Any Old Way (9) and El Paco (11) also become likely candidates should there be tempo whilst, despite having a difficult name to say, Destinee Jenilou (4) adds some each way value.

4 Destinee Jenilou
10 Father Christmas
11 El Paco
9 Any Old Way


Despite the betting telling us this is a race in two, I can see any one of five winning candidates. Kima Frenning will look to lead from wire-to-wire whilst Star Of Memphis (8) will be hard on its back, sniffing out a sprint lane opportunity.
Dynamic Bromac (5) and Bettor Ops (3) can also do damage in a pretty even metropolitan race.

8 Star Of Memphis
1 Makes Every Scents
2 Bettor Ops
5 Dynamic Bromac


The Kilmore Pacing Cup is steeped in tradition and whilst we’ve seen more brilliant horses participate, it’s rare we see a more even group competing.
The other aspect is we have a handful of competitors engaged here who will be gunning for Inter Dominion opportunities later in the season, so performing well here is a must.
My Kiwi Mate (9) has had early support but, gee, there are chances everywhere.
I like Magical Marn (4) at odds whilst Anthony Butt’s charge, Bettermatch (11) is an interesting prospect.

4 Magical Marn
9 My Kiwi Mate
3 Bad Billy
13 Audi Hare


Sitting here looking out the window in downtown Melbourne, it looks like we are in for ripping weather so hopefully we cop a balmy night – yes, even at Kilmore – and the planets align for a magical night at the trots.


See you all there!

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