Footballing Fab Five – Week 2

Mahomes can hurl the rock like few we’ve ever seen – and he’s accurate! (Photo: Sports Illustrated)


PATRICK MAHOMES (Kansas City – 323 yards, six TD)
Last week, the Andy Reid effect – and some Tyreek Hill magic – played a large role in Patrick Mahomes’ outstanding numbers but this week it was all the former Texas Tech gunner. His arm is a cannon and he exploded at Heinz Field, torching Pittsburgh’s defence for half a dozen TDs.
Reid is noted as a QB whisperer and now we’re seeing why the team was so happy to move on Alex Smith. This kid is brilliant, thus far.
Blake B.jpg
Blake Bortles outplayed Tom Brady and carried the Jags to a brilliant victory over the Patriots. (Photo: Big Cat Country)
BLAKE BORTLES (Jacksonville – 377 yards, four TD)
In last season’s AFC Championship game, Jacksonville had New England on the ropes but Bortles – and his coaches – could not quite close. There was to be no repeat when Brady and Belichick visited the Floridian heat. With a receiving corps as unknown as Brady’s, Blake B went HAM, dropping nearly 400 passing and rushing yards on the Pats as well as four game-winning touchdowns.
Leonard Fournette will return, this defence is lights out and Bortles is improving every week – big things happening in JAX.
Ryan Fitz.jpeg
Ryan Fitzpatrick is a returnee to the Fab Five. No one has performed better in the opening fortnight of the NFL season. (Photo: Orlando Sentinel)
RYAN FITZPATRICK (Tampa Bay – 402 yards, four TD)
Fair dinkum. Fitzpatrick is a back-to-back tenant of the Fab Five. He again put up 400+ yards and 4 TD which began with a 75-yard bomb to DeSean Jackson. Philadelphia are not quite where they were when they collected the Lombardi but Fitzy made them look second-rate. He’s leading the league in passing yards and has the Buccaneers out to a red-hot 2-0 start.
Should we see Fitzpatrick in this list again next week then we might need to start talking MVP…
Aussie Michael Dickson has set the NFL abuzz with his drop kicks and massive punts. (Photo: USA Today)
MICHAEL DICKSON (Seattle – 7 punts, 45.1 average)
For a punter, Dickson’s numbers are nothing special – in fact they’re very average but the Australian has taken the NFL by storm. Against the Bears he implemented a drop-kick to restart the game from a scoring play, something ESPN’s commentators were amazed with. He also attempted an on-side kick by drilling a short drop-kick at a Bears receiver. Dickson is an outstanding punter but he’s bringing in revolutionary skills to the kicking game. Coach Pete Carroll loves innovation so you get the feeling he loves the Aussie rookie.
AJ Green found his way into the paint on three occasions, destroying Baltimore. (Photo: USA Today)
Rarely will the Footballing Fab Five become the Fab Eight but with quarterbacks dominating and many receivers, running backs and defenders having steady but not standout games, these three men deserved a place. All three nabbed a rare feat on an NFL gridiron – scoring a hat trick of touchdowns.
Gordon had 66 total yards, Gurley 73 and Green 69, hardly huge numbers for such explosive offensive talents but churning out nine TDs combined is pretty darn good.
Green posted his trio with 13 minutes remaining in Q2, Gordon had his (two receiving, one rushing) just before halftime and Gurley waited until Q2 before scoring twice and then again just after halftime. Had he not left the game with cramps, he may well have found another score such was the beat down the Rams were putting on Arizona.

One thought on “Footballing Fab Five – Week 2

  1. Good read and take-away from Week 2

    The Ryan Fitzpatrick start is fanatic and you can only imagine that now at his 7th club he’s decided it’s all or nothing and is having some fun while he keeps the position warm for Winston after he finishes his 3 weeks suspension.. I hope his form continues in the coming weeks but history suggests it won’t!

    The Jags really did a number on the Pats.. Belichick kept gambling on the Jags not making those plays but Bortles proved them wrong despite that little hiccup in the 3rd ..Pats were never a real threat.. The Jags could be the real deal this year!!
    The Pats also recruiting Gordon smacks of desperation..why is it everyone seems to think players will change their old ways just by going to New England?

    Another great story to surface after just two weeks of the season is Philllip Lindsay from the Broncos the Undrafted rookie RB notching up 100 yards in both games. Gotta love a diamond in the rough story!


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