Halfway mark of the NFL season, so who is doing what !?!?!?!

As we’re close enough to halfway through the season, here is one line on each squad. Tell me what you think about the team(s) you follow…

ARIZONA – 4-4 but you’d swear they’re 2-6 & headed to the draft lottery.

ATLANTA – We keep waiting for it to click but it looks more & more like it won’t

BALTIMORE – Trust them at home, cakewalks on the road.

BUFFALO – They’re honest & may break the NFL’s longest playoff draught, but that’s as far as it goes.

CAROLINA – When Cam looks like SuperCam, they roll.

CHICAGO – Unsure. Across the board. Unsure on Coach Fox & on Trubisky but he could do with some playmakers.

CINCINNATI – Soft-spoken AJ Green’s outburst tells me change is needed at coach and maybe at QB.

CLEVELAND – Start again, I thought Hue was the man but the process – and results – are awful.

DALLAS – This train is rolling, provided Zeke stays on the train.

DENVER – The defence is elite but it’s wearing out, hence why we saw them give up 51.

DETROIT – No Aaron Rodgers helps & quietly they look like a divisional champ.

GREEN BAY – They’ll win one or two but it’s 2018 planning for the Pack.

HOUSTON – They have their man & this roster is built beautifully but they got to await Deshaun’s return.

INDIANAPOLIS – Use the Luck-less season to build a more competent 53 otherwise Luck’s absence will be permanent.

JACKSONVILLE – You feel like they’re a Phillip Rivers or Eli Manning away from contending.

KANSAS CITY – Weapons, defence, competent QB, great coach – I still believe.

LA RAMS – I’m on board. Now or in the future, this team will compete & I’m a Goff convert

LA CHARGERS – Question lingers, rebuild or reload. At the moment they’re in neutral.

MIAMI – I gotta feeling coach Adam Gase has a short tenure but he’s going out with a bang.

MINNESOTA – It’s a nice roster but at the moment it has 3 uncertain QB’s.

NEW ENGLAND – All things begin to point to a return to the Championship Game.

NEW ORLEANS – They’re better than we think because this league is too hard to win six in a row without being decent

NEW YORK GIANTS – Shut it down & head to the draft

NEW YORK JETS – Love the competitiveness of this team when everyone wrote them off

OAKLAND – They’re not quite what I thought they were which sucks because they’re a fun team.

PHILADELPHIA – The city is excited about the Eagles prospects, almost time to jump on board. Fly Eagles Fly!

PITTSBURGH – Offence runs through Bell, defence has improved tonnes, they’re ready to win it all.

SAN FRANCISCO – They better hope Jimmy G is better than all of the QB’s they could’ve had or could have had in this draft

SEATTLE – They’ll always be thereabouts but they might be reliant on playing at Century Link.

TAMPA BAY – Biggest disappointment of the season. I thought they’d make the playoffs.

TENNESSEE – Expected more but they’re divisional leaders with a juicy schedule.

WASHINGTON – They seem better than their 4-4 record, even with an 0-3 divisional card.

One thought on “Halfway mark of the NFL season, so who is doing what !?!?!?!

  1. Hey JJ comprehensive summary and I can’t disagree on anything really.
    It’s been a crazy season but the cream seems to be rising to the top now..
    Really enjoyed watching the Jets win a few games after everyone had written them off pre-season and they should go 5–5 after this week’s game against Tampa before their bye.
    And Rams have been fantastic for the comp this year..Goff is going be around for a long time fantastic seeing him hit his straps!
    Falcons and Matty Ryan have really lost confidence thry seem to be going backwards while The Eagles with Wentz are going from strength to strength.. confidence is a funny thing!
    The Saints have some big games ahead in next 4 weeks which will define their season.. Bills, Redskins, Rams and Panthers lets see how that plays out?
    Love to see the Packers win a few games under Hundley poor bloke is under so much pressure!
    Sick of the Zeke saga will he play won’t he play.. it’s been hanging around too long.. and you’re right if he doesn’t play Dallas won’t go far..
    Steelers, Pats are the teams to beat.. but the Eagles and Bills mid season trades of Ajayi and Benjamin just might get them further into the post season!!
    There’s bound to be more twists and turns left in this crazy season yet!!
    Thanks for the weekly reports really enjoy reading them.. as soon as AFL footy is over NFL is the next best thing for me..


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