NFL Divisional Playoffs

Here are my picks, big performers and story lines from this weekend’s Divisional Playoffs matches;

Pick: NEW ENGLAND 30 to defeat KANSAS CITY 20
Story Line: Patriots regain offensive groove.
Game MVP: Rob Gronkowski (New England) 80 receiving yards, 2 TD

Pick: PITTSBURGH 30 to defeat DENVER 24
Story Line: Big Ben ends Peyton’s career.
Game MVP: Ben Roethlisberger (Pittsburgh) 300 passing yards, 3 TD

Pick: CAROLINA 28 to defeat SEATTLE 23
Story Line: Newton rushes for 2 TD’s to doom ‘Hawks.
Game MVP: Cam Newton (Carolina) 2 rush TD

Pick: ARIZONA 38 to defeat GREEN BAY 33
Story Line: Cards offence outgun Rodgers’ rifle.
Game MVP: John Brown (Arizona) 100+ receiving yards, 1 TD

Jump on Twitter (@inthehuddleau & @joshjenkins24) and tell me who you think will win the games and what will be the big story lines.




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