In The Huddle AU – Welcome

Football fans – welcome!

Our brand new podcast – In The Huddle AU – is available to listen to each week as myself, team mate Tom Lynch, Nate Evison and Drew Akin discuss all things American Football, particularly the NFL and Fantasy Football.

We will have weekly segments including the 2-minute drill, our sure things of the week, best bets as well as some high profile guests.
We are accessible on most forms of social media and would love to become a highly interactive show.

Get behind Australia’s most in-depth, in-touch and in-the-know NFL podcast.

Twitter: @inthehuddleau
Facebook: In The Huddle AU
YouTube Channel: In The Huddle AU
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Listen to our first podcast:

A short bio on the four contributors to the show;

JOSH JENKINS – Well, this is my website and I was the driving force behind getting this show on its feet.
By day, I play football for the Adelaide Crows and the rest of my time consists of drawing myself in all things American Football.
The NFL is my go-to but I also have plenty of time for the college game as well as participating in (with varying degrees of success) Fantasy Football.

TOM LYNCH – Tommy is an unabashed, wildly-passionate football (New England Patriots) fan – he is also an Adelaide Crows forward.
His specialty is Fantasy Football as he spends a large portion of his time studying the waiver wires and upcoming games.
Tom also loves a farfetched multi-bet so tune in to see whether he can make you a few bucks across an NFL round of games.

NATE EVISON – Nate is an Australian (who speaks like an American) who lived in Seattle for 17 years and attended college at the University of Washington.
Nate will be the moderator for the show and will try to keep the rest of the crew on task and on topic.
He is well connected in both the NFL and NCAA Football and will lure some exciting guests to the show in the coming episodes.

DREW AKIN – Drew is from Alabama (hence the incredible Crimson Tide bias and the thick southern accent) but has lived in Adelaide for roughly six years.
He currently runs the Curious Squire American-styled restaurant on O’Connell Street, Adelaide.
Drew’s football knowledge runs far deeper than most – his love for the Alabama college program is second-to-none and his passion for football extends to the pro game.
Drew can be relied upon for explaining the X’s and O’s that only a person who grew up with the game could know.
His quick, Alabamian wit will also be a highlight of the show.

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