We’re live


The AFL off-season provides you with many opportunities – rest, relaxation, travel and blogging.

Well, maybe not all players will be spending their time operating a website but this is something I have been planning for some time.

IF you choose to follow what I have to say (or even take a look once or twice) then you will likely have the same interests as I do.

I am not here to talk about the in’s and out’s of the Adelaide Crows but I will certainly reference things that go on in my career to some of the things I see in world sport.

Initially, the excitement of finally going live with my wordpress is huge – I just want to write and write and write about the things I love.

However – and fortunately for me – I will spend most of October locked into a trip of a lifetime with team mate Tom Lynch.

We are bound for the United States, specifically Seattle, Boston, New York, Detroit, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Los Angeles.

Across the trip, we will see seven different NFL teams, four different NFL arenas and one gigantic NCAA college showdown.

Upon our return, I cannot wait to share my stories and photos with you all.

We have been incredibly lucky in gaining access to some of the world’s most professional sporting organisations and I am excited to bring it all back with me.

In terms of my page, expect everything and anything – I love to write about sports.

I wouldn’t expect me to delve into the twisted world of politics and economics or anything as confusing as that but I can promise you one thing – there will be more than enough reading and browsing here IF you are as mad about the NFL, NBA, NCAA, NBL and AFL as I am.

Here’s to a long and quality scene for digesting sport, sport, sport.

Josh Jenkins

Twitter: @joshjenkins24

Instagram: joshjenkins04

Feel free to fill me in on your details, favourite sites or general sporting thoughts on the form below;

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